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Unable to renew OD thru SDC
Published on June 17, 2005 By Lantec In Object Desktop
The last week SDC kept reminding me that I was coming up on my renewal date (7-9-05) This morning when I logged in it automatically updated itself to 2.09a.340 build 91. I went to do my renewal and the "Renew?" button on the regeistration info page is disabled. The "Update" button works, except that when I click on it, it tells me that my serial number is invalid (I didn't change it). The status bar still shows that I have 21 days left on my subscription but I can't do anything about it. I'm hoping this will be corrected before my 21 days are up.
on Jun 17, 2005
After the new update of SDC whenever I try to download anything (Icon packager 3, DesktopX ...) it give me an error telling me that my registration couldn't be validated despite having changed nothing except the SDC update.

On the registration page I still have until next February until I expire. What's going on?
on Jun 17, 2005
I'm not sure about all that, but I couldn't leave any messages after installing the latest update. WC didn't know I was logged on. Which is odd, because it knew I was logged on in Maxthon, an IE client.

In any case, the way I fixed it was to use SDC's Web Browser and enter my name and password from there. Haven't had a problem since.

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