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Change in Community Website
Published on September 5, 2005 By Lantec In Internet
As I write this (approx. 1:00 pm est) it's fourteen+ hours to the release of the new Opera Community Site. Link

Should be a lot of new Opera users out there after last weeks 10th anniversary give away.

on Sep 05, 2005
on Sep 07, 2005
opera rules it is a fantastic browser that I started using about 6 months ago and can no longer do without it.

on Sep 07, 2005
Sounds interesting.

Welcome to the new my.opera community site. This was created as a place for everyone to share their thoughts, pictures, links and ideas. Feel free to explore all that my.opera has to offer. With each user getting 300 MB of storage, you'll have plenty of space to store all your favorite files and images. Leave a comment with your thoughts.

on Sep 07, 2005
Reminds me a lot of the site here.....our own blog page, photo gallery, skins to download......even the monkey (see setups page) or lizard or lizard-monkey or chameleon (yeah right!)
The forums aren't up to speed yet.
on Sep 07, 2005
I don't remember what comment induced me to try Opera last week, but I've rarely gotten so excited about a piece of software. I installed it on both my Windows & Linnux partitions & on my father's pc, too. He was worried about dealing with something new until I told him it wouldn't change anything & he doesn't have to use it. (I'll see about weaning him onto it later).

It's just fun!